Feb 13, 2008

The West's Inadvertent Hero?

Regrettably we are forced to announce the cancellation of our star-studded induction celebration of Dr. Rowan Williams – England’s Archbishop of Canterbury – into our Churchill’s Parrot Useful Idiot Hall of Fame. This is not due to the good Archbishop’s proving himself any less of an idiot useful to the advance of the British Caliphate. It is, however, an instance wherein one’s demonstration of idiocy is so profound that it serves to more vigorously enflame opposition to that idiocy than support for it.

In short, the Archbishop sought to bring awareness to the dilemma of Muslims in Britain wishing to live according to Sharia law and their difficulties reconciling this with British civil law. Evidently this is not the tidiest of relationships. The Archbishop inaugurated his mission with an impeccably incomprehensible bit of academic yib-yab at Lambeth Palace last 7 February. As no one present at the lecture was capable of remaining awake through its duration, however, the Archbishop’s comments stirred no controversy. But shortly after the lecture the Archbishop took to the airwaves and reiterated his concerns for Muslims living beneath the boot of British oppression. This then was the spark which ignited the present firestorm. The Archbishop’s subsequent cheeky and half-hearted attempt to douse the flames before the General Synod last Monday has only made matters worse.

The last thing the Archbishop (or for that matter Gordon Brown, Labour, the Socialists, the secularists et al) wanted was to rouse the patriotic passions of the British street by drawing attention to how speedily modern Britain is falling away from her cultural foundations. This is, however, precisely what he has done; a fiasco made all the more hilarious by the good Archbishop’s utter bewilderment at the British people’s reaction to his eloquent jackassery.

In no small way the Archbishop has achieved what this blog and several others seek to do with virtually every post: bring into public-consciousness the acute lethality of multi-culturalist dogma to the existing culture and traditions that have served Britain and the West well for the past several centuries. Furthermore, he may well have re-opened the debate over socialism and how government shoving its greasy fingers into every pie in the land to see it passes the taste test is antithetical to human freedom, human dignity, and Common Sense. A sticky wicket for Lefties is this!

Our personal reaction to all this is mixed. As a Champion of Western Civilization, Chair of the Anglosphere Consortium, and passionate advocate of Britain’s legacy of liberty we are of course delighted at the British people’s visceral and vociferous rejection of this egg-headed suicidal nonsense. As curator of the Useful Idiot Hall of Fame, however, we must admit we are deeply disappointed. Archbishop Williams would have proven a venerable, prolific, and accomplished addition to our roster of dupes, fools, traitors, and cowards whose purpose – whether they know it or not – is to distort Western Civilization’s understanding of itself and loosen its grasp upon its Judeo-Christian moorings.

As the good Archbishop appears to have only strengthened that grasp, however inadvertently, we cannot in good conscience bestow upon him the prestigious title of “Useful Idiot” nor the honor of inducting him into our hall of fame at this time. But never fear; we suspect this story has only just begun!




NeoThink said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing. I found myself strangely glad when the Archbishop made his scary statement, hoping that it would inflame outrage and a renewed sense of danger over the Islamification of Europe. It worked! I think that you should reconcile your concerns, though. The Archbishop can still be in your Useful Idiot Hall of Fame. He was useful, after all, and an idiot. I think he would make an excellent addition. You'll just have to make a note that despite his idiotic statements, he served a greater good that even he did not foresee... Perhaps he will start a whole new category of Idiots.

Oh, and I love the Fatwa-matic. Indeed, I've published all these cartoons already on The Daily Elephant, and though I have yet to receive my Fatwa, it has improved traffic... Take care...

Roger W. Gardner said...

This is an outrageously perfect piece of Parrotic eloquence and -- as I think you have already given me permission to do so, I am stealing it at once for Radarsite.
Absolutely wonderful piece.

beakerkin said...

The comments show how out of touch the religious left is with those they serve. The role of clerics is to serve the spiritual needs of the members of their congregation.

The Arch Bishop has made himself and his congregation look like fools.