Feb 14, 2008

The Churchill’s Parrot FATWA - MATIC™

***Increase your blog traffic
***Double your death threats ***
***Make your blog NOTORIOUS!!!!***

Embed the Churchill’s Parrot FATWA - MATIC™ into your blog and watch the outrage explode. It’s FATWA - MATIC™!!!

In honor of the blogosphere-wide celebration of the arrests of five islamaniacs accused of plotting to murder one of the Danish cartoonists who created (some of) the above, we extend this offer ABSOLUTLEY FREE to fans and liberty lovers world wide.

To add the Churchill’s Parrot FATWA - MATIC™ to your blog, simply permalink to this post. (OR – if anyone knows how to make widgets out of these bloody things PLEASE DO, or let us know and we’ll do it: churchillsparrot@gmail.org.)




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