Dec 6, 2009

So we have won after all

On 7, December 1941, upon learning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Sir Winston Churchill declared, “So we have won after all.” Lacking his prescience and deep respect for the character of the American people, many around him were perplexed by the statement. To Sir Winston, however, it was immediately obvious that the Japanese had over-played their hand and awakened their worst nightmare. He was well aware that years of intense struggle and pain lay ahead. But in his lion heart he knew that, in the end, the American will, sufficiently motivated, would prevail over the enemies of freedom.

On 7, December 2009, upon learning of the Leftist attack on their economy, character, intelligence, and future, the American people are similarly awakened. Fraudulent stimulus, socialist health care proposals, and the climate change scam utterly exposed as such have shaken the electorate to its core and stirred a reverence for first principles as has not been seen in many a decade. Even prominent Democrats are warning the administration to change direction. Indeed the most potent antidote for Leftism is its being put into practice.

And yet, there remains intense struggle and pain ahead. Those leading the attack are not motivated by traditional political impetus. The mere threat of losing office deters them not.

As Mr. Obama jets off to Copenhagen to socialize with socialists, communists, anarchists, and shysters from every corner of the globe, seeking to further obligate the United States in a trillion dollar extortion racket while she is already imperiled by 10.2% unemployment and unbearable debt, it is becoming apparent that this is no mere liberal democrat in the presidency. This is a leader who seeks to break the United States as she is, force her to her knees, and then reclaim her on entirely new terms.

The failing policies of the Obama administration destroying the United States economy and the Democratic party are not the product of political incompetence. They are the deliberate application of a strategy; less Jimmy Carter and more Vladimir Lenin. Of course we are referring to the Cloward and Priven Strategy. To Conservatives, this in no news at all. To others (“Independents”) this is the bitter realization of what Captain Hope n’ Change meant when he said he intends to “fundamentally change America.” Had they been paying attention, they would not have voted for this. Had they been paying attention, they would not have voted for Obama! Bit late for all that now. What’s done is done and, in truth, the worst is yet to come.

Nonetheless we have more hope than at any point in the last 12 months. The Left has overplayed its hand and awakened their worst nightmare: a genuine appreciation in the hearts and minds of the American people for the principles upon which their nation was founded.

America will suffer for her dalliance with Marxism. She may even sustain some irreparable damage. But we know that, in the end, she will prevail, yet again, against the enemies of freedom.

And so, Liberty Lovers, we have won after all!