Mar 27, 2010


WHEREAS: Our beloved Britain refuses to repent from her salacious and suicidal obsession with socialism; and

WHEREAS: We’re really quite deeply loathe living in a pet store; and

WHEREAS: The family of our personal secretary, Mr. B. Walter Farley, finds us to be irresistibly cute and cuddly; and

WHEREAS: The United States of America, the Last Best Hope of Mankind, is clearly on its last leg and in need of all the help it can get; now

THEREFORE: I, Charlie Churchill’s Parrot, do hereby proclaim my defection from the United Kingdom and my establishment of my residency with Mr. Farley and family in Wisconsin, USA – a region, we’re told, once referred to as, “The Heartland of America.”

In witness thereof, we have hereunto set our wing and caused the Seal of Executive Authority to be affixed this twenty-seventh day of March in the year of our Lord, two thousand and ten.

Very well then, enough with the formalities, what’s all this about?

A world without an American America is a world within which I do not wish to live. Neither does anyone else; it’s just that an unfortunately large number are too bloody daft to realize it!

Now that the current American government has openly declared war on the American people and their Constitution, a world without an American America is a distinct possibility. (For anyone presuming that by “American America” we make reference to some form of racial component, you need to piss off posthaste!)

Therefore, like Davy Crockett to the Alamo, we hereby publically and heroically (and with characteristic humility) dedicate our 110 year old life, our fortune such that it is, our sacred honor, our fabulous celebrity, and the entirety of our wit and wisdom to the increasingly imperiled American cause; a cause we believe remains, as Thomas Paine declared, in large measure the cause of all mankind.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!



Mar 20, 2010

Judas in a habit

Well what a surprise! It appears the Catholic Health Association - which we and others have identified previously as a complete and utter fraud - is, in fact, a complete and utter fraud.

Perhaps we ought be more specific. They are a DNC front group masquerading as a representative organization of the Catholic Church. Sister Carol Keehan, President of the Catholic Health Association, has come out in full endorsement of the Senate health care travesty. To hell with vexations over federally funded abortion. Progressivism must march on!

"Catholic" Democrats both pro-choice and pro-life can play this anyway they like and win. In fact they already are. One can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. Nearly had to take a moral stand there for a moment, eh Congressman? Not now. Thank you Sister Keehan!

How's that investigation of women religious in America coming Cardinal Levada?