Sep 3, 2008

Reagan in a skirt?

Beauty, brains, wit, humor, confidence, humility, passion, grace, strength, patriotism ... we can certainly see why the Lefties despise this woman and seek desperately to destroy her. They shall fail, miserably, as they so often do.
In case you missed it, behold the future of the free world. It has perhaps never looked better!
Oh, someone please advise old John not to "kill the buzz" eh?


Ghandi's Goldfish said...

Random thoughts and observations on last night's party in St. Paul from a liberal and a dear old friend of Charlie's. You can call me Ghandi's Goldfish.

Even though I pretty much loathe everything about her (Palin), I must admit her speech was solid gold. Fortunately for us libs she is not at the top of the ticket! Genius pick though. Anyone else, the election would have already been called. I could have done without the sarcasm plus I think she really only appeals to the base. We'll see. Congrats to all of you though. You may have found your queen.

Palin sort of reminds me of Wonder Woman before she spins. Might be a nice viral campaign ad. I feel an SNL skit coming on. God I love that Linda Carter. I think that is something we can all agree on.

Hopefully she never gets a chance to spin...

Some other really random observations...

I'm afraid the youngest Palin girl think she's a cat. Hopefully this is just a stage. She's cute.

Also why do the Palin girls have such large heads. Their mother and Father have little normal heads. I find this weird and distracting.

Also Why bring that young boy onstage with the family? He got their daughter pregnant he didn't win the friggin' gold at Beijing! Look kids, knock up a girl and the world is your oyster! I think this might have been the "best " decision young Levi ever made.

McCain's wife really annoys me. I will channel all my anger at her. She keeps nodding her head and smiling. Go count your money or something, lady!

The cowboy hats have to go. I've lived in middle America. They don't wear cowboy hats and listen to country music all the time. In fact I think this image that the Republican party projects will ultimately become their undoing. Too many fat white dudes. And that's coming from a fat white dude.

I will tell you this -- as a super Obama backer. I squirmed a lot during Palin's speech. Mocked her at first. Then I became numb. It slowly began to sink in, this woman could disrupt the very thing so many of us "libs" have worked for. She was that good. It was even harder to hear the so-called "in our pocket" media gush over her too. A sleepless night indeed. Thankfully we have Biden in our corner. But as we know that could go the other way too.

This weekend I will visit my sister back in Ohio. She's a former Bushie, turned Hillary supporter, and now an undecided voter. I'm very curious to see how she reacts to Palin's speech. As she goes I think the country goes. And believe me when I tell you I have no influence over her!

FInally, If we libs lose this election, with this candidate, in these troubled times. We as a party will have lost our way. That's what's at stake on our side.

So last night was yours -- just as last week was ours. We'll see where it goes from here. Hopefully McCain will be struck with a bout of Dimentia and take off his pants mid-speech tonight. We can dream.



Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Ghandi's Goldfish,

Regardless of ideology, we always feel a special bond with pets of historical icons. Very glad to welcome you to the party. Have you met Mozart's Gibbon? Splendid Chap!

We thank you for your honest and gracious assessment and observations re: Lady Palin's performance(not to mention the Linda Carter clip!!)

Do let us know how the Ohio sister reacts. You are correct that she may be the barometer by which to judge, as many of the rest of us are clearly swept off our feet in one direction or the other.

As for Mr. McCain removing his pants mid-speech this evening, he may have to in order to get anyone to notice him at this point!



Findalis said...

I'm sorry Charlie but it wasn't a great speech. It was a good speech, the one she should have given before the convention, but it was lacking something. Something special, a tag line, a little more push. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 7. Good, better than average, but not one to knock your socks off.

Anonymous said...

She is a puppet. Not one of those words were her own. GG. I give the speech a 3. What a witch.