Sep 4, 2008

Tragic Performer; Extraordinary Human Being

After eight years of suffering through Bushie's butchery of Her Majesty's tongue, can we Conservatives endure another four (eight?) years of Mr. McCain's abominable presentation skills?

Well ... yes.

As disastrously as he expresses it, the man is just right on so many things and not all that wrong on the rest. Furthermore, his experience and the lessons he has drawn from it are - even with his painfully awkward delivery - profoundly inspiring.

This is a man of impeccable character, used-car-salesman-smile and all.

We shall keep our eyes on Lady Palin (no great task that), but our hearts and minds are tuned to the content of the character of one Mr. John McCain.




Findalis said...

Home Run!!! This was not a speech by a candidate but a speech that would be delivered by a President.

Storm'n Norm'n said...
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Storm'n Norm'n said...

I'll second that...

But I'm still worried about LOST...the Law Of The Sea Treay!
McCain Is for it...hope Palin hurries up to read up on it, especially Section G...puts us smack dab under the United Nations!
All part of the bi-partisan New World Order. The biggest issue of the last eighteen years...a quiet issue I'll grant you, but the most dangerous issue of our times. All other issues were manufactured by the candidates, not a one of which was a problem until people started running for office...again part of the New World Order...keep 'em busy with other mundane issues and we'll sock it to 'em when they ain't lookin'.
Go stop 'em Sarah!