Sep 3, 2008

New Heights of Low

Ever-mining the caves of depravity for even more bilge and bile with which to entertain the masses, “US” magazine has managed to unearth its latest. (Our thanks to Lady Malkin) What an impeccable specimen of yellow journalism, rivaling the British media in its utter disregard for fact and responsibility!

Lefties can’t be taught can they? They overplayed their hand in 2004 and lost a sure thing. Here, they are doing it again while, at the same time, revealing their despicable, hypocritical, spoiled-rotten-child essence for all to see. Bravo. Please do let us provide still more rope with which you might hang yourselves!

We are only sorry Lady Palin and family find themselves in harm’s way for this particular drive-by shooting. This too shall pass.




NeoConstant said...

Oh how the liberals have stooped. Their knuckles are dragging bloodied through the mud, and when the day is done...I think they'll realize the bullet in their foot was from their own shooting.

(Will they then proceed to pull said foot from their collective mouths?)

We shall see.

Findalis said...

This is to be expected in such a race. I'm sure if the media could find Obama's mistress (presuming he has one) they would do the same thing. Look at what they did to poor Billy Clinton before and after he was President.

The media will look for any sign of scandal. It is their bread and butter in this age of pseudo-celebrities like Paris Hilton. We must expect that and the McCain camp should have prepared for it. They didn't and this is the result.

Guy Macher said...

Wassisname/Sarah Campaign 2008 She's got my vote! Or would if I wasn't a Canadian.