Jul 30, 2007

Ted Kennedy’s Form Letter on Iraq: a Rebuttal

Our good friend Senator Edward Kennedy sent us a heartfelt auto-response electronic form letter this past July 18 regarding the situation in Iraq, “the most pressing problem facing our nation,” he declares. On this we agree. Senator Kennedy’s auto-response electronic form letter was in reply to my letter to the United States Senate dispatched April 30. Normally, one might expect an auto-response electronic form letter turnaround of slightly less than two and one-half months, particularly regarding, “the most pressing problem facing our nation.” But given this is Senator Kennedy with whom we are dealing, this is pretty much on par.

In his auto-response electronic form letter (below), the good Senator demonstrates that he completely ignored or failed to grasp not only the content of my letter, but the past sixteen years of global history as well. He is not alone in this. Therefore, I invite the good Senator, and all those in concurrence with him on matters regarding Iraq, to peruse my Iraq Invasion Anniversary Online Refresher Course (free of charge) for an in-depth review - first view for many - of the rationale behind Operation Iraqi Freedom. For those allergic to words, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow recently provided a concise and elegantly composed synopsis of the matter which we endorse whole heartedly.

Following is Senator Kennedy’s auto-response electronic form letter in its entirety with my non-auto response non-form commentary interspersed in bold.

Dear Mr.: (sic). No name. Always a nice touch when attempting to establish that interpersonal relationship. Thank you for your letter on the situation in Iraq. (You’re welcome. I had hoped, of course, you might actually read it but …) It’s the most pressing problems facing our nation, (Agreed) and I appreciate this opportunity to share my views. (Yes, but by all means Senator, take your time!)

I, and all Americans, support our troops. (Yes and as they say, with friends like you, who needs enemies?) They’ve fought and continue to fight bravely, and we owe them an extraordinary debt of gratitude. (Here, here!) Unfortunately, the President has failed to give our troops a policy worthy of their sacrifice. (American troops never have and never will sacrifice “for a policy.” They are sacrificing for the safety, security, and interests of the United States of America; small point of differentiation there.) He failed them when he sent them into a misguided war (yes we all prefer those “guided” wars don’t we? Much less chaotic and bloody) without a plan to win the peace. (I believe “victory” is the word Senator, as in victory = peace.) He failed them when he sent them into battle without adequate equipment, (thus necessitating that major military operations for toppling the Hussein regime take all of three weeks rather than the hoped for two) and he continues to fail them by relying on a military solution to violence that requires a political solution.(The effectiveness of said political solutions being proven throughout the entirety of the Clinton Administration, The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, and U.N Resolutions 686, 687, 688, 949, 1060, 1051, 1115, 1134, 1154, 1194, 1205, and 1284)

When the President announced the current troop surge, he claimed it would be limited in size and duration. We have now sent nearly 30,000 troops as part of the surge (that would be the “limited size” part of the surge, Senator), and still the President says we must wait longer for results (actual military operations of the surge commenced June 19, Senator. General Petraeus was given at least until September to officially report on the results of the new counter-insurgency strategy. Patience Senator. Patience.) It’s obvious that the surge has failed. (Courage, perseverance, forbearance, vision … you’ll get none of that here. My good Senator I recommend you spend some time with the following: http://www.victorycaucus.com/, http://www.michaelyon-online.com/, http://www.mudvillegazette.com/ among many others.)

Violence continues unabated in Baghdad and has spread across the country. (Even your own media isn’t claiming this anymore, Senator.) The political progress that was supposed to accompany the surge has yet to materialize. (Perhaps your constant calls for abandoning the process play a role in this?) The promised reconciliation between religious and ethnic groups, the restructuring of the oil industry, and other basic reforms and benchmarks have yet to be achieved. (And with your help Senator, and that of your Lefty associates, they never will be.) As long as our troop commitment remains open-ended, and we continue to fight their civil war for them, the Iraqis will have no incentive to make the hard political choices necessary. (My dear Senator, are you insinuating that open-ended government programs breed in people an unhealthy dependence upon government? Better strike that line before Al-MoveOn gets wind of it.)

We have given the President every opportunity to show progress, (and, might I add, you have been most gracious and respectful in doing so) but our soldiers face an increasingly violent and deadly insurgency. (Well actually, that’s not true at this point Senator, owing to the surge which you indicate has “failed.”) Congress and the American people have lost faith in the Administration’s competence and its ability to manage the war. (That’s not entirely true either, Senator. Perhaps you should visit Vets for Freedom, as well as virtually any of the four million plus conservative blogs and websites on the Internet.) It’s time to change course in Iraq. (Why are we headed for a bridge or something? OCC – Obligatory Chappaquiddick Cheap shot ™.)

The President must listen to Congress and the American people, begin to withdraw our troops from Iraq, and develop a serious plan to move forward. (Yes thereby ushering America into an era of demoralization, decline, and defenselessness matched only by the post-Vietnam surrender nightmare.)

Again, thank you for sharing your views on the war. (My pleasure, Senator) I’ll continue to do all I can in Congress to see that our forces are withdrawn (But that wasn’t among the views you just thanked me for sharing with you, Senator) and that our nation adopts a competent and attainable policy for Iraq. (Excellent. You’ll be resigning then?)

Sincerely, (Oh this means a great deal coming from the likes of you, Senator)

Edward M. Kennedy

Senator, I conclude with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill, from which your own brother borrowed liberally (and to great effect) in his inaugural address. I ask that you, and all who agree with you, consider these words and the Spirit behind them before issuing your next bleatings for surrender:

"We have surmounted all the perils and endured all the agonies of the past. We shall provide against and thus prevail over the dangers and problems of the future, withhold no sacrifice, grudge no toil, seek no sordid gain, fear no foe. All will be well. We have, I believe, within us the life-strength and guiding light by which the tormented world around us may find the harbour of safety, after a storm-beaten voyage."

—Sir Winston Churchill, November 9, 1954




Chris F said...

Bravo! One can almost hear JFK commenting from the grave: "Er-ah, Teddy always was looking for the easy way out."

Gary Fouse said...

I sent Sen Kennedy an email last year complaining about something I can't remember. Not only did I get the same kind of email back, but they put me on his mailing list. What arrogance!