Jun 29, 2007

A Victim of My Own Persuasivity

While the finger of blame is directed at talk radio and conservative cable television broadcasts, I think we all realize that I have only myself to blame for yesterday’s overwhelming demise of the Senate immigration bill.

One with powers of tongue, pen, and mind such as my own can not take to the blogosphere day after day, shedding the luminescence of conservatism upon the issues of our times, and expect the all too literate citizens of the world’s greatest free republic to sit by idly as the very essence of that citizenship is threatened with extinction at the hands of opportunists who managed to get themselves elected to the office of Senator.

But alas, I rejoice not, for what is good for America is, in this instance, virtual damnation for me. With out a fast-track to citizenship in the U.S., I am doomed to years - perhaps decades - more in this wretched U.K. nature center, enduring taunts from slug-witted youths who have never even heard the name Winston Churchill, and environmentalists frauds raving about rain forest depletion and other such rot. All this … and Tony’s gone! I shall prevail, for there is hope. But for now, you must forgive me. I’m going to become emotional.



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