Apr 18, 2007

Mediacracy Run by 11 Year-Old School Girl

This startling revelation, long suspected, was confirmed this morning upon MSNBC’s posting the above headline and image regarding America’s latest mass murder idol.

Criticizing the Mediacracy is predictable, tiresome, and cliché. No one is quicker to point that out than the Mediacracy itself. However, as a free press is essential to the survival of any democratic republic, mankind’s foremost democratic republic (Lefties: that would be the United States) must hold that free press to the highest and most rigorous standards of excellence.

It is at times such as these, however, when one hand of the Mediacracy is frantically trying to scoop the other, that its guard is dropped and we see it for what it is – a workshop for hysterical, left-leaning, reactive, overly-emotional would be novelists and actors for whom verification of facts, sources, and accuracy is very low on the list of priorities. That, or it is run be an 11 year-old school girl.

How else might we explain the level of intellect and maturity demonstrated in the incessant and unwavering themes that comprise the present day’s Mediacracy template:
* War is scary and bad
* George Bush is a big dummy
* Dick Cheney is a big meany
* Guns are scary and bad
* Republicans are greedy and don’t like black people (nor gays or trees)
* And now … mass murderers are not criminals, or socio-paths, but merely sad people whom we all failed to understand sufficiently.

Were every human being who has at some point said, “nobody understands me” to then go out and murder 30 innocent people as a result, the human race would have extinguished itself millennia ago. You see, little girl, it doesn’t matter whether or not anybody understood him, it is not acceptable to murder 30 innocent people; nor intentionally fly planes into buildings; nor threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction you may or may not have; nor blow yourself and 80 men and women at prayer to kingdom come. The “reason” is irrelevant. The act is evil and must be stopped. If “understanding” aids us in stopping future such acts, splendid, but the priority remains stopping those acts which wantonly destroy life and property. Sometimes this requires the use of those scary guns, police officers, even those mean old military people to keep the very bad people from terrorizing and killing the very good people.

Keeping this in mind might make your reporting in the future less dotty and idiotic. But I shall not hold my breath.



P.S. To any 11 year-old school girls taking offense at my associating them with the Mediacracy, my sincerest apologies.
Gabcast! Mediacracy Run by an 11 Year-Old School Girl AUDIO


Anonymous said...

Hey bird brain - maybe you should stop lumping everybody with a different opinion than yours into a heap. Headlines sell newspapers and do not speak on anybody's behalf. Maybe if this ass didn't have such easy access to guns - these kids might still be alive. Take some responsibility people. Any other argument is ridiculous. So don't even bother. Oh and for the record. I hope the sick bastard rots in hell. No wait, maybe Pat Robertson will forgive him for his atrocity and his tormented soul will be released into heaven. Gimme a flippin break!

Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Anonymous,

There are many opinions that differ from my own. I do not - nay - could not lump them all together into a single heap (even though they are, of course, all wrong.) What I AM heaping are those instances wherein our press emphasizes the emotional and minimizes the rational in its reporting, providing free advertsing for the Culture of Victimhood that is eroding the soul of the free world.

Here we have - once again - a perpetrator of pure evil portrayed sympathetically. In fact, the selection of headline seems to place responsibility upon those who "didn't understand him." Why use that quote? Why frame that particular picture? And do you not see a similar tendancy to re-direct blame in the daily reporting of - say - car bombers in Iraq or detainees in Guantanamo or other known perpetrators of unspeakable evil: the act is minimized and the pain and torment of the perpetrator - actual or imagined - is emphasized. This is all well and fine if one is composing poetry or a dreadful folk song of some sort but NOT when one is to be reporting objectively on the events of our times.

As the Medicacracy - plummeting readership and ratings not withstanding - remains the primary source of allegedly objective information for billions of humans, this abuse and/or out and out ignorance of journalistic standards is more than irresponsible,it is dangerous. And do you not suppose every worm-brained looney out there is not utterly captivated with the idea of his photo being posted on every screen from London to Los Angeles next to the words, "Nobody understood him"? Likewise, do you not suppose every Jihadi wingbat is not duly inspired with the knowledge that his suicide bombing will receive world wide headlines whether he kills 120 or merely himself?

There is legitimate news and there is hysteria. The Mediacracy increasingly opts for hysteria because - as you say - headlines sell newspapers. This is not without consequence. For instance, the New York Times/The National Enquirer - no difference.

Then you launch into the access to guns issue. Are we to presume that had there been MORE laws in place inhibiting the legal sale of guns this individual would not have carried out this act? "I WAS going to murder 33 innocent people in cold blood. But its against the law for me to get a gun, so I can't. Darn it!" The fact is, had VA Tech NOT had a campus wide ban on guns it is entirely possible that a student or faculty member or security guard or visitor could have put a bullet in Mr. Cho's brain long before he chose to do so himself, and long before he killed all 33 victims. This arguement is not ridiculous. This is the case in community after community where concealed carry is the law.

We join you in your hopes for the eternal fate of this individual and are quite confident he was there long before this event ever even took place. As for Pat Robertson, I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.



P.S. Day Four now and Mr. Cho remains front page headline news. Is this prudent? Is there nothing else of import taking place around the world? Oh but headlines do sell newspapers don't they. That's really all we can expect of our Mediacracy afterall.