Apr 12, 2007

The Dawning of the Age of Podcasting

Gabcast! In the beginning was the word, and the word was , "test?" #1


Gary Nadeau said...

Good to hear voice Charlie even though it sounds like your using Churchill's Phone!



Anonymous said...

Gary gave me this info Charlie. As you know he doesn't listen to me anymore in these matters! Maybe you can reach him through your bird droppings? But, then again, he did give me this fuel for futher debates!

Hope to see you soon.

I know you're 107 but I still remember you as 15 and I was your age.

Grampa Bill

Chris F said...

Aye! Right nice to 'ear ye voice Charlie. Bloody 'ell, it seems like old home week 'round 'ere with the comments you been gettin'.

Sounds like Appeasement is the new policy for the "Sceptred Isle". Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it I say.

By the way, 'ave you ever seen Branagh do that St. Crispin's Day speech? Check out the way he foams at the bloody mouth!

Churchill's Parrot said...

Mr. Nadeau,

Thank you my dear sir. I am often complimented on my voice and so you are in good comapny in its admiration I can assure you. We shall seek improved audio technological capacity as soon as Manilla (my blognician) can slog his way through the instructor's manual (Punjabi he is. Takes him quite a while. You understand.)

Keep reading/listening.



Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Grampa Bill,

Good to have you in the Churchill's Parrot family - a vast and ever-enlightening community of all creeds, colors, and species championing liberty, the values of Western Civilization, and the memory of Himself - Sir Winston Churchill. Sread the wings and the wisdom and remember always to ask one and all, "What would Winston Do?"



Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Chrisf...

Indeed I have heard Mr. Branagh's rendition of the Bard's St. Crispin's speech and it puts a tingle in my talons every time. Good show!

Unfortunately, appeasement is not new to the Sceptred Isle as our good friend Neville Chamberlain nearly plunged us into a 20th century dark ages with same some sixty-odd years ago. Right good idea for an upcoming post though eh? Well done my boy! Another free Churchill's Parrot bumper sticker to you! (You'll need to download that yourself and apply your own adhesive. No need to thank me.)