Feb 5, 2007

Bush Further Demonstrates Hatred for the Weak and Unrich

Hot off the presses, Bushie's budget is already eliciting shrieks of agony from the Champions of the Frail, Downtrodden, and Utterly Miserable.  (Read here.) God forbid, Bush – a Republican – begin behaving like one of the conservatives who put him in office and forward a budget that limits entitlement spending and prioritizes national defense. Those that might instantaneously rebuke such thinking as radical right wing nut-jobism might do well to re-read (more likely, read for the first time) a certain Preamble which delineates,  "… PROVIDE for the common defense, PROMOTE the general welfare…"  Note the word choice.  "Provide" means one thing.  "Promote" quite another.  One might be so foolish as to conjecture that the President of the United States is actually attempting to govern according to the vision of that nation's Founders – by today's standards, another pack of radical right wing nut jobs. But more likely, Bushie based his budgetary decisions on how best to screw the blacks, gays, and impoverished that he so ardently loathes.       

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