Feb 5, 2007

Hard Times for Pranksters

In their mea culpa for Extraordinary Corporate Boneheadism (ECB), Turner Broadcasting System issued the following statement:


"We understand now that in today's post-Sept. 11 environment, it was reasonable and appropriate for citizens and law enforcement officials to take any perceived threat posed by our light boards very seriously and to respond as they did."


Everyone fervently agrees.  Which begs the $2 million dollar question, mightn't the  same be said in justification of Bushie's decision to invade Iraq? Granted Sadaam wasn't gadding about our cities pasting faux explosives.  He merely allowed everyone to believe he was threatening them with chemical, biological, and possibly nuclear weapons. Pranksters one and all. Unfortunately for them, many of us are a good deal less sporting about such displays of mischief "in today's post-Sept. 11 environment" and have crushed them under the full weight of the law.  

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