Mar 24, 2009

The Free World’s Last Stand? Copenhagen, December 2009

“When the Founding Fathers of this great nation met in that hot summer long ago in the City of Brotherly Love to craft the noble Constitution of the United States, they were building their great nation upon the solid foundation of your Declaration of Independence. Independence! This winter, if the United States signs up to the Treaty of Copenhagen, her independence--and our freedom--will be gone forever. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would be turning in his grave.”

- Lord Christopher Monckton, at the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change, March 10, 2009, New York City.

Our dear friend, Lord Christopher Monckton, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, former Special Advisor to Lady Thatcher, now Chief Policy Advisor for the Science and Public Policy Institute, and royal pain in Al Gore’s arse, has been rather out and about lately exposing the fatal fraud that is global warming.

Most recently he gave an outstanding presentation at The Heritage Foundation which we highly recommend you view by clicking here. (You’ll need to wade through a bit of introductory yib-yab.)

Also highly recommended is Lord Monckton’s keynote address from the Second International Conference on Climate Change sponsored by The Heartland Institute, March 8-10, 2009, referenced above. You can view that by clicking here. (Ditto on the yib-yab.)

Central to Lord Monckton’s immensely informative and highly entertaining presentations is his warning of the coming Copenhagen Climate Conference in December of this year.
We intend to focus much of our attention on this affair and heartily advise liberty lovers the world over do likewise.

Lord Monckton warns, “the chattering classes are going to use this (global warming) scare as a pretext for taking certain fundamental actions … which will forever take away the independence and freedom of the United States. And if your freedom and independence go, then so will ours. It very much matters to us that you should remain independent and free. For if you do not, we will not, and the world will not.”

We take Lord Monckton at his word. The free world stands at present one foot in the grave. Let not Copenhagen 2009 prove its burial ground!



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