Dec 20, 2008

Sir Winston Churchill versus the OIC

“Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message. The main thesis of Mein Kampf is simple.”
- Sir Winston Churchill from his masterpiece The Gathering Storm summarizing Hitler’s Mein Kampf

A superb and fascinating act of exegesis has been committed by our dear friends at Weapons of Musical Defense (WMD).

First a bit of background.

Last Thursday, the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s (OIC) further greased the road to Durban II by getting their “defamation” of religion resolution - stating that “Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism”-passed the U.N. General Assembly.

Shocking we know. One suspects Hitler himself could have gotten Mein Kampf passed the U.N. General Assembly had it existed at the time.

Precisely the point of WMD’s analysis! They provide an illuminating extract from Sir Winston’s The Gathering Storm wherein Sir Winston, who had been warning of the “madness of the Mahommedan religion” since the late 1800’s, declares Hitler’s Mein Kampf “the new Koran of faith and war.” He then supports his assertion point by point.

Anything sound familiar here? Yet the tragic charade continues.

As WMD’s THE LAW asks,

“Winston Churchill called Islam ‘the religion of blood and war.’ The most representative body of Islam in its 1400 year history, the 57 Islamic nations of the OIC (Organization of The Islamic Conference), says ‘Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance and compassion.’ Who would you believe?”




Findalis said...

It might be law elsewhere in the world, but in the US it is against the Constitution. Thus is no law here.

Joanne said...

"religion of peace, tolerance and compassion"

There is no peace, no tolerance, and no compassion whatsoever in Islam. It is really hard to believe Muslims think we can't see them for who they truly are - Satan's Servants.