Nov 5, 2008

Change You WILL Believe In!

Image courtesy of The People's Cube

“Great hopes have been raised in the electoral campaign, and from those hopes has sprung their great political victory. Time will show whether those hopes are well founded, as we deeply trust they may be.

We are, I understand, after nationalising the coal-mines, to deal with the railways, electricity and transport. Yet at the same time the Trade Unions feel it necessary to be heavily rearmed against State Socialism. Apparently the new age is not to be so happy for the wage earners as we have been asked to believe. "

- Sir Winston Churchill in his 'Why Should We Fear for our Future?' speech before the House of Commons, 16th August 1945, after having been voted out of office in favor of the socialists.




Findalis said...

Even after WW 2 and Great Britian turned its back on Mr. Churchill, there was a period of your history in which the US is now going to go through. But like you, we too have to have our empty suit for a while to see the need for real leadership and strength.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Thanks Charlie

Churchill's Parrot said...

Unfortunately, Britain never recovered from its trist with socialism. For mankind's sake, we pray that America will.



Denise said...

Charlie, I tried. I even sent an article in my local paper about Obama's plans for bigger government and the dangers of that. McCain even won my state. I wish I could put sense into the minds of my fellow countrymen and women. The thing is, so many people on the left just wanted to see Obama in office because he's black and they wanted to make history. They didn't look beyond that to see what he stands for. Big mistake.