Oct 3, 2008

Have You Seen Me? Post Missing from Churchill’s Parrot

Not only has the "Sing for Change" You Tube video gone missing, but our post linking to it seems to have been erased from our blog as well, with neither our knowledge nor permission.

This is a first for us. This is not a publicity stunt. This is rather astonishing.

For those who have not seen it, the You Tube video depicted an assortment of kiddie-winkies, aged roughly eight to 11, singing the praises of Democratic candidate for President, Barack Obama, at the behest (gunpoint?) of their exceedingly enthusiastic parents or guardians.

As the video served not so much to inspire support for Mr. Obama as to conjure images of previous politically motivated youth indoctrination efforts not particularly in the interest of either youth or humanity in general, it has been removed from YouTube.; understandable from a political point of view – not to mention pathetic and laughable.

What is not understandable nor laughable and more frightening than pathetic, is that our post linking to this video has been somehow stricken from the front page of our blog. A screen grab of the post is pictured above. Oddly the post remains in our dashboard. A mere technical glitch then? Entirely possible. But this has never occurred before. And as it coincides with the removal of the video from YouTube – in fact the entire http://www.singforchange.com/ website is gone – we smell something of a rat.

We shall continue our investigation. If this is NOT a mere coincidence or technical error, we shall squawk our vehement displeasure from the highest mountains.


UPDATE: We have found the issue. Our dashboard was set to display only three posts. We do not recall setting it thusly, though it is possible. The display function has been reset and our post has returned to the front page. We shall remain vigilant, however. This remains extremely odd.
UPDATE 2: It's been resurrected! Thanks to the diligence of our dear friend Krishna , an archived version of the masterpiece has been found, much to the Obama campaign's chagrin. Enjoy!
UPDATE 3: Our friends at The People's Cube have taken it a step further.


E.D. Kain said...

How bizarre. Then again, I have heard that Google is in the tank for Obama...still, this seems rather more outlandish. If it's still in your dashboard, can you re-publish?

Churchill's Parrot said...

We can re-publish (we think!) but before we do, we hope to hear some sort of explanation from Blogger/Google. We expect that some time in February 2037 or so.



Krishna109 said...

Hello-- and greetings from the land of make-believe! (AKA "Newsvine").

There are links to a video which I believe is the one you are looking for ("Children 'Sing for Change' - pro Obama video"), plus two possibly related videos, posted in my Newsvine column (here).

(These are the 3 videos that were dated as being posted on October 5th).