Mar 8, 2008

What’s Ailing Maggie?

The House of Commons betrays British democracy. A day and a half later, The Baroness Thatcher has been hospitalized. Coincidence? We think not. For what true champion of liberty could not be traumatized by this government’s escalating abuse of Britain’s political legacy?

“Yesterday will go down in history as the day our politicians surrendered most of what was left of Britain's sovereignty and trusted the nation's future to a European superstate,” writes a commenter in Britain’s Daily Mail . “What we witnessed last night was the political class ganging up against the voters who gave them power. … The result - barring a miracle - is that Britain will now surrender its veto over 60 important areas of policy to the unelected bureaucracy in Brussels.”

What sounds hyperbolic is, sadly, plain fact. Our good friends at Brits at Their Best have revealed this little morsel of treachery:

“We have just learned that forty-eight members of the House of Commons voted 'aye' on a little-remarked motion during the ‘momentous’ referendum vote. This was the motion that the United Kingdom's Parliament and its laws take precedent over any others, including EuropeanUnion laws.

Clause 9 – ‘Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972, nothing in this Act shall affect or be construed by any court in the United Kingdom as affecting the supremacy of the United Kingdom Parliament.’ It was brought forward by Bill Cash.

This simple affirmation of sovereignty, which has been a long-accepted constitutional principle, was rejected, with only 48 sterling members voting for it.
(emphasis added.)

It is a shocking insight into the thinking of Parliament as it is presently constituted. Those who are leading us have admitted that they are led. By voting no they are stating that our independence as a sovereign nation - with all that implies - does not exist."

That heavy sucking feeling in your bowels right now? That’s what Maggie felt at first too.

Mind you this entire fiasco has taken place against the will of the vast majority of the British people. The subtlely monikered I WANT A REFERENDUM.COM held private referendums on the issue which produce rather clear results:

* This is the highest ever turnout in such an unofficial ballot.

* With the 36.2% voter turnout, more voters turned out for this unofficial referendum than do for “real elections” which average 35.4%. for local elections not held with general elections.

* Voters were asked two questions:
1. Should the UK hold a national referendum on the EU's Treaty? 88% voted yes and 12% voted no. Less than 1% did not answer.

2. Should the UK approve the EU's Treaty? 89% voted against the Treaty and 8% voted in favour. 3% did not answer.

* In eight of the ten seats a greater proportion of people voted for a referendum than voted for the sitting MP.

Naturally the House of Commons paid no mind to this. After all they know what’s best for the people. And what’s best for the people of Britain is complete allegiance to Brussels! More hyperbole? We fear not. For consider these minor trappings of sovereignty I WANT A REFERENDUM.COM has revealed were NOT debated in the EU Referendum/Lisbon Treaty “debate":

* No amendments on borders, immigration or asylum were debated

* No discussion of the extension of The European Court of Justice (ECJ) jurisdiction over this area

* No defence amendments were debated

* No discussion of the creation of the 60,000 strong new EU army (known as permanent structured cooperation), the new commitment to a common defence, the defence solidarity clause, nor the European Defence Agency.

This is problematic to say the least. Nauseating even. Enough to land one in the hospital.

“As the pettifogging regulations flood in from Brussels over the years ahead, there will be absolutely nothing we can do about it,” concludes the Daily Mail comment. “And all because, on Wednesday March 5, 2008, British MPs decided en masse to break their word to the people - and surrendered the national independence for which their forefathers laid down their lives. Is it any wonder that more and more Britons are losing their faith in the political process?"

We are happy to report that Maggie appears to be on the mend. Would that we could say the same for the government she once led.

And to our brethren throughout the Anglosphere, we advise you pay close attention to this issue. Britain is again your canary in the coal mine. This is the trajectory of creeping socialism. Guard jealously your sovereignty and the principles that have made your nations great. For once they are lost, they may never be recovered.




Joanne said...

With all the killings Hitler's Nazis committed, Germany has managed to take over Britain without firing a single shot. Such a bloody shame. Before you know it, you'll all be indoctrinated into the Roman Catholic faith to boot.

I for one, am going to pray for Britain.

E.D. Kain said...

This is a sad day, indeed. With a likely socialist victory here in the States; the quiet EU coup in Britain; and the steady bombing of Sderot in Israel--it almost feels hopeless at times.

I have faith in the British people, however, as exemplified here on this blog. They have always been staunchly British above all else, and they will weather this folly in the end.

Let us pray that the folly will not prove too damaging, however. Thank you for the post, Mr. Parrot...

Churchill's Parrot said...

Thank you both for your readership,commentary, and insight.

Joanne - your prayers are unfortunately necessary and greatly appreciated.

Mr. Kain - YES - let this sound as a warning to all Americans! You cannot allow yourselves to fall into such a position as this! The world pretends to hate you. The world ENVIES you. The world needs a strong and capable America.