Mar 14, 2008

BBC Blames Iraq Archbishop Murder on U.S. Invasion

Of all the convolutions of logic the Left has performed in its passion to blame all that is wrong with the world on the United States, this one is perhaps the most breathtaking. In reaction to reports of the murder of Archbishop Rahho in Iraq, the BBC saw fit to post the following:

"The BBC's Hugh Sykes in Baghdad says centuries of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and the small Christian community in Iraq were shattered by the US-led invasion of 2003. "

What hope can there be for a people of whom far too large a majority think this way?
We pray for the soul of Paulos Faraj Rahho, the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul, the Iraqi people, and what remains of Western Civilization!

In the meantime - we invite all readers to take part in our Churchill's Parrot Iraq Invasion Online Refresher Course. Written last March upon the fourth anniversary, the course remains - sadly - every bit as necessary today as previously ... as the above account makes so painfully clear!



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Hugh Sykes said...

Just seen this. Apologies for delay responding.

This was not 'blaming' the USA for the Archbishop's death. It was a simple statement of fact - there was stability for Christians here until 2003.

My next sentence in the BBC report explained the connection between the 2003 invasion and subsequent persecution of Christians:

"Fundamentalists linked Christians with an occupation force they regarded as "crusaders", and numerous Christians and their business have been attacked."

It's not my job to blame - but if anyone is to blame for the plight of Christians here, it is those fundamentalists.