May 9, 2007

Lost Weekend

Gadding about with Bushie and HRM Lizzy 2, we’ve been somewhat remiss in our posting duties. Our apologies to our million + readers. I had hoped, however, that perhaps slowing my prolificacy to the dullard’s pace typically adopted by standard Mediacracy would enable our esteemed U.S. Senators the time necessary to read, comprehend, and respond to my letter delivered and posted April 30. But alas – silence. Too important to respond to a centenarian British parrot eh, Senator? Bloody wankers!

Nevertheless, a wondrous time was had by all and while largely ceremonial and useless – as are most things involving royalty – Lizzy’s visit and toast to U.S. and U.K. unity
was an important transaction, fortifying the Special Relationship which has been and will likely be the only thing that keeps the scimitar of Islamofacism from the world’s otherwise defenseless throat.

Naturally the Mediacracy took the opportunity to highlight the fact that, among humans who take polls, Bushie’s approval ratings are now lower than those of the Unibomber, while Her Royal Majesty continues to enjoy ratings well over 80%.

What can we deduce from this? After all, the Queen – with all due respect – is purely a figurehead with no real authority in any capacity whatsoever, and therefore can make no decisions nor take any actions of consequence. Thus, she is universally adored. Bushie, by contrast, has real authority and can take real action. He has. And ever since, his approval ratings have been in a tail spin.

Some claim this as evidence of Bushie’s “disconnectedness with the American people.” Others – Former New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani among them – see it as courageous leadership in a time of peril despite political consequence.

Such leadership has proven Western Civilization’s only salvation before. One would hope, this time around, we all might have learned a little something from the past. But – oh look, the Queen!



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