Apr 27, 2007

The Tale of Two Harrys

Two Harrys. One a dashing young Prince able and willing to risk life, limb, and fortune to defend his Kingdom and what it once stood for. The other a corrupt, two-faced, defeatist bureaucrat.

To which will our enlightened, post-modern, “been there done that”, “Oh What-Ever!” society lend its support? If latest polls are to be believed – chancey gamble that – Harry the Corrupt Two-Faced Defeatist Bureaucrat gets the nod.

Meanwhile our dashing young Prince is likely to be coddled, pampered, and hidden away against his will by nanny’s in uniform desperately trying to avoid a Sheehan/Tillman vintage PR fiasco should the slightest harm befall young Harry.

“No one wants to gift a PR victory to the insurgents by withdrawing him,” a source told The Sun. “But there is a groundswell of opinion across senior ranks now that to allow Harry to serve in the open with his men will lead to an inevitable disaster.”

One might ask, oughtn’t the decision be up to the young man whose life it is to do with as he pleases? But alas, yet another “groundswell of opinion” threatens to drag us one step further from duty, honor, and self-sacrifice; and one step closer to indecision, inaction, and cowardice.

Once upon a time, young men like Prince Harry where the stuff of legend and song, hailed throughout the land to emboldened a citizenry in peril. But these – perhaps more than we realize - are very different times indeed.



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