Sep 10, 2011

The 2001-2011 Awakening

Rediscovering America the Hard Way

Whether by the tender caress of a lover’s hand or the butt end of a burglar’s shotgun, waking up is important to do. For as blissful as slumber is—physical, spiritual, civilizational — it does leave one rather vulnerable to the whims of others. (As seen here).

For the United States, the past ten years have comprised a series of awakenings; excessively rude awakenings indeed, but awakenings nonetheless. From the attacks of September the 11th 2001 through the Standard & Poor's credit rating downgrade, American citizens have found themselves slapped wide-eyed by the news of the day more often than at any point since, perhaps, the second world war. Not to suggest the nation hadn’t endured its share of tragedies since that time, but that none amounted to the level of existential threat as have certain of the events since the dawn of the second millennium.

For instance, the moment the second plane plunged into the second tower and that appalling realization gripped us all—this was intentional, no one could ever again enjoy the sweet dream of American invulnerability. Seven years later, as it became plain the financial collapse was the result of government regulations forcing banks to make loans to millions who could not possibly pay them back, no one could ever again drift off to slumber to the enchanting fairy tales of “social and economic justice.”

But alas, in both cases, many did. As the dust settled at ground zero, the Pentagon and on Wall Street, these individuals pointed to American preeminence as the impetus to Islamic mass murder, and the failure of the free market as the trigger for financial collapse and recession. With incessant rhetoric, a charismatic presidential candidate, and hapless Republic opposition, they won power in 2006 and 2008. And since that time, their unbridled pursuit of the Progressive utopia has brought them, and the country, to near ruin.

Today there remain devoted Leftists, disguised in the workaday charade of traditional American “Progressive” yib yab—not the least of whom may be the once charismatic presidential candidate himself—who are quietly pleased to see America forced nearly to her knees, both at home and abroad. The balance of the citizenry, however, is revolting. The degree varies, from Tea Party devotee to disaffected Democrat, but Americans are nonetheless revolting against this alien and ominous Leftward lurch.

We contend that this revolt, what we call the awakening of 2001-2011, as costly as it has been, will emerge in time as one of the most significant and propitious watersheds in American history. For daily an intimate, genuine and comprehensive awareness of the utter bankruptcy of the Progressive folklore that has been enfeebling this nation for more than a century is giving way to an equally intimate and intense awareness of the value of the First Principles of the American Founding.

We are not here in any way attempting to put a happy face on the lives and property destroyed on September the 11th 2001 and the war that has followed, nor the lives and property diminished by the current economic stranglehold. But instead to echo those who note that in life there are personal tragedies which awaken one’s mind to greater focus, one’s will to greater fortitude and one’s soul to greater awareness of God. The attacks of September the 11th 2001 were such a tragedy for the United States of America, rousing her from her post-war World War II moral and civic torpor moments before her enemies made off with her invaluable and irreplaceable inheritance.

Chastened and alert we stand guard once again, reminded anew that, indeed, eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.



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