Aug 16, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

Another glorious exposition of the Left's unyielding advocacy for the cause of women and their place in society is in the works.

Mr. Jim Lakely over at Freedom Pub informs us that Hollywood is working up a blind-side hit-job on the still living Lady Margaret Thatcher.

According to The Daily Mail, "The film opens with the octagenarian Lady Thatcher sitting alone in a sparsely furnished drawing room muttering to herself." Now THAT'S entertainment!!!

Once again we marvel at Tinseltown's ability to employ the talents of the world's most insightful, literate, and empathetic 14 year-olds in the art world.

We can only hope that geology will sooner do to Hollywood what Hollywood aims to do to Western Civilization: collapse the foundation beneath it and consume it whole within the raging fires of Earth's molten core.




Joanne said...

Hollywood is full of narcissists with too much money who believe the little people should share their money with the poor. Very strange that people who have been paid monies far outweighing any talent they possess are such downright crappy socialists.

Anonymous said...

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