May 26, 2010

What Fools Do

"Now there sits a man with an open mind. You can feel the draft from here." - Grouch Marx

Just exactly how erumpently asinine was it for congressional democrats to stand up and applaud Mexican President Felipe Calderone’s denouncement of Arizona’s immigration law? The Internet hath not space to contain a proper answer. Let us here, however, provide you sundry observations of our own.

Instinctually, family members do not take kindly to a guest who comes into their home and sharply criticizes one of their own. Democrats gave him a standing ovation.

Intellectually, thinking persons are quite often stunned when encountering one who lacks the mental capacity to acknowledge the bone-snapping irony of his condemning others for refusing to pay the damages on a catastrophe for which he himself is responsible. Democrats gave him a standing ovation.

Politically, elected officials have rarely endeared themselves to their constituents by associating with a foreign leader sharply critical of sensitive domestic issues. Democrats gave him a standing ovation.

Ethically, one must question the integrity of a leader who would deliberately misrepresent the truth before an international forum for reasons we can only assume involve murky wheelings and dealings with another failing regime. Democrats gave him a standing ovation.

Morally, most find abhorrent the notion of a national leader standing before another nation’s government and demanding they renounce their own laws designed to protect the sovereignty of their own nation. Democrats gave him a standing ovation.

By any measure, congressional democrats are, at best, fools; for standing up and applauding a sock-puppet like Calderone in this instance is what fools do. As for those constituents who continue to support these fools—no doubt believing them to be heroic champions of “social and economic justice,” “racial equality,” or guarantors of a permanently dependent and thus democrat voting majority—they may, in fact, be something worse.




Darwin said...

Excellent. It seems the democrats have been gripped by some type of evil blindness. It is hard to believe anyone would be stupid enough to engage in such idiotic national self-flagellation, led by a Mexican gangster. But they are.
Are they all on the take?

Charles Reardon said...

Disgraceful behavior from the Democrats who have put petty domestic politics ahead of national pride and self respect. Will this retreat never end?

Denise said...

So open minded all their marbles fell out. That's the Democrats for you.