May 11, 2010

Goodbye Britannia

Rare is the occasion we allow another to speak for us. In this case, however, we shall happily make an exception. Our dear friend and colleague Mr. John Derbyshire of National Review has summed up our feelings regarding present-day Britain to perfection. We could add very little if we tried.

Mr. Derbyshire--for those of you who don't know--is a fellow British ex-pat who, like us, has grown weary and apathetic towards the Mother Country as she clearly no longer cares a whit about her own glorious heritage. Right then... it's off to America!

Take it away Derb:
We have a result in the British general election. David Cameron's Conservative Party has won a plurality of seats in Parliament, but not enough to govern firmly. It's hard to get very worked up about this, as the three parties in contention can fairly be described as Left of Center, Center-Left, and Tree-Hugger Left.

Certainly there is nothing conservative about David Cameron's Conservatives. It would be very difficult indeed to name anything they wish to conserve: not Britain's ancient demographic core, not the nuclear family, not restraint in public financing, not liberties of speech or assembly, not public respect for the Christian religion, not Britain's traditional wariness of European entanglements, not Britain's traditional warmth towards and co-operation with the old British-settler nations, not civic order and the suppression of crime by fair policing, not respect for rank and authority, not control over the national debt … There is no subject you can name on which Cameron's "Conservatives" wish to conserve any more than Gordon Brown's Laborites, though I'll concede that neither party would call in the U.N. to force a macrobiotic diet on the population, as Nicholas Clegg's Liberal Democrats would. Cameron and Brown may want to make homosexuals a Designated Victim Class, with special rights and privileges, but Clegg's party would make homosexuality compulsory. In this respect, at least, the Brits have dodged a bullet.

Frankly, I'm past caring. The old England I grew up in, the England of stoicism and bitter beer and dry humor, the England in which it was bad form to take public affairs too seriously, the England of puddings and bobbies and weird regional accents, of casual snobbery and dim old churches and the smell of soft coal burning, the England of, as George Orwell famously wrote, "old maids biking to Holy Communion through the mists of the autumn morning" — that England's as dead as the Wild West. It's been replaced by a multicultural bazaar with a feral underclass and a vast, suffocating public sector, neither of which it can any longer afford. The educated classes are sunk deep in ethnomasochism — hatred of their own ancestors, of themselves really. Teenage girls get pregnant and are given public housing and a dole, while married couples struggle to pay their tax bills. The borders are open to foreign agitators who loudly declare their hatred for Britain, while old folk who survived the bombs and shortages of Hitler's war are sneered at as Nazis. When you come home to find burglars have looted your house, don't bother calling the police; they'll just give you an incident number for the insurance company; but try flying the national flag in your front yard — a squad car full of cops will kick your door down and tase you in the living-room for "racism."

I couldn't care less about Britain any more. I'm nostalgic for what used to be, but I don't have any illusions any of it is coming back. These smooth-faced managerial types aim only to drag their country further along the road to perdition, with just minor differences in the speed of dragging. I said my goodbyes to England long ago. Let's turn our attention to a place that is still, in spite of some of the same dismal trends, a real country.
All sad. All true. Let's not make the same bloody mess of these United States shall we?




Darwin said...

What a tragedy. The Scandinavian countries are gone, too. We are not far behind. We need to wake up, but I'm afraid the sleeping giant is full of cancer. There will not always be an England. Heartbreaking. Many have given their lives so England would always be.

Denise said...

It's terribly sad and I pray that we in the U.S. won't go down that same road to destruction. There are certainly those here who are working hard to destroy us but there are also those working hard to fight back. May we prevail! Failure is not an option!

Charles Reardon said...

Another classic from the Derb. What a shame to see England so humbled and prostrate before the world. Winston is weeping in the heavens.

Churchill's Parrot said...

Thank you all for your comments, condolences, and insights. Indeed Sir Winston is weeping for Britain, as are many. But to paraphrase Denise, may God bless America (it's all that's bloody left!).