May 7, 2009

Liberalism’s Bountiful Harvest - Part 3

In our epic “Liberalism’s Bountiful Harvest” parts one and two, we examined the disintegration of the American economy owing to forty years of Marxist handiwork.

In part three of our sadly continuing series, we should like to draw your attention to the disintegration of civil society in Luton, England.

Most of our readers are familiar with Lionheart and his documentation of the Islamic takeover of his hometown of Luton, quite possibly the Anglosphere’s frontline in the war against Islamic Fascism. (If not, best you read up: )

Recently the people of Luton have been standing up. On May 5 they began fighting back in earnest: the Islamic centre in Luton was fire bombed .

No one is endorsing this action. It is sad and frightening. It was also avoidable. Undoubtedly culpability will be placed upon “racist” Englanders “intolerant” of immigration and non-whites. This is not the case, nor is it a means of avoiding further violence. Indeed it is the surest method of ensuring the violence escalates.

This incident is the result of multi-culturalist paralysis in the face of the unreasonable demands and growing threats posed by Islamic immigrants flooding into Britain. Had the British government and civil authorities fulfilled their primary duty from the get go - uphold the rule of BRITISH law and protect the rights of BRITISH citizens – the people of Luton would be less compelled to take the matter of their own survival so drastically in hand.

But alas a government deeply enfeebled by decades of multiculturalist dogma, secularism, and social justice poison is in no condition to perform the difficult task of protecting civil society nor civil people. The result? Chaos; precisely what Marxists and Islamists the world over crave.

The people of Luton and all of Britain are waking to the realization that their government cannot and will not defend them against foreign and domestic enemies. Proportionally, those citizens not also castrated by Marxist conditioning will take the job increasingly upon themselves.

This is not Western “civilization” as we would have it. But it may be Western civilization as it must be, if it is to survive at all.



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