Oct 1, 2008


"It is our wish and will that this State and this Reich shall endure in the millenniums to come. We can be happy in the knowledge that this future belongs to us completely. (applause) While the older generation could still waver, the younger generation has pledged itself to us and is ours, body and soul!"
- Adolf Hitler, Nuremburg, 1934

What the hippies won't do to their children. Behold!




Joanne said...

Socialists and Islam alike start the brainwashing of children as early as possible; Obama and his minions are right on it.

Anonymous said...

As the dear friend who gave you the heads up on this I'm not sure it falls into the "dreaded" hitler category!

No one's condoning genocide here.

I'm sure it would even make Obama uncomfortable.

I think it falls more into the "700 club" category. Regardless it is creepy. Just not Hitler creepy.


Churchill's Parrot said...

My Dear Gnads,

But it is Hitler creepy. Not in that Mr. Obama orchestrated this or any other of the countless demonstrations of mindless, uncritical, fact-starved devotion by so many of his votaries; but that such demonstrations are so very prevalent in his wake. This video provides an acute example of this phenomenon.

There is something unique and powerful about Mr. Obama’s appeal. To those of us attuned to the realities of his past, this is most disturbing. The man has much for which to answer and is not being pressed to do so. His promises are multitudinous, and he is not being pressed as to how he might fulfill them without adding significantly to the burden of the American taxpayer. The man is up to his teeth in culpability in what is shaping up to be the worst financial disaster in American history, and yet he is ascending in the polls.

Devotion such as this for any politician would be disturbing. For one as unaccountable as Mr. Obama, it is, frankly, chilling.

No one is advocating genocide here. Neither did Mr. Hitler. He just did it. Why? Because he could; for all were too blind to see him for what he was … until it was too late.