Oct 13, 2008

More Happy Days for Socialists

Fear not Earthlings, Gordon Brown – Britain’s avowed Socialist not-so-slow-motion-train wreck of a Prime Minister – is coming to the rescue.

“Gordon Brown now sees himself adopting the mantle of Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt, architects of the reconstruction of the global economy after the Second World War.
An hour after setting out his £37 billion rescue plan for three of Britain's major banks - the Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS and Lloyds TSB – Mr. Brown was outlining his proposals for reform of the world's financial system.

‘What is a truly global problem requires a truly global solution,’ he said.

World leaders - clearly including himself - must now show the same ‘courage and foresight’ in reforming the international financial system as Roosevelt and Churchill did more than sixty years ago.”

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Good God! Mr. Brown, we knew Winston Churchill. And you sir are no Winston Churchill.



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