Oct 7, 2008

Can't seem to get the NYT to place our full-pager

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UPDATE: "The End of Capitalism?" Excellent analysis from the American Conservative Union Foundation.
UPDATE: Excellent redux of the whole bloody mess. Human Events, "Democrats Behind CRA Cover-Up " Excerpt: "But unless the American public is told, re-told, and educated about how we got here, there won’t be reform of the bailed-out-but-still-alive GSEs nor of the CRA. Then we would witness more big government, giving us far more help than we can afford. "

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StuartF said...

Dear Parrot

I am a great Churchill fan and I published a book earlier this year called What Would Churchill Do? - Business advice from the man who saved the world.

To make it easy for people to see if it is for them I have posted a couple of video/readings on You-Tube. It is me reading the first few chapters with footage from the Imperial War Museum and the RAF Museum as a backdrop.

I had a great review from another blog recently limk below.

Check out the video's if you don't want to hear me drone on then some od the images ae pretty interesting.

Part 1 link


Part 2


Link to review