Sep 11, 2008

Jury of Our Peers?

Is anyone surprised? The British jury privileged with the opportunity to send seven Islamaniacs accused of plotting the most spectacular terrorist attack since September 11, 2001 to legal martyrdom, hadn’t the nerve to do so.

Evidently they found greater accord with the defence which proposed these gentlemen had no intention whatsoever of simultaneously blowing up six transatlantic airliners full of innocent men and women with liquid bombs while flying over American metropolitan areas, but instead were merely planning a little anti-war protest at Heathrow airport enhanced by a few homespun pyrotechnics.

To their credit, the jury did manage to find three of the plotters guilty of conspiracy to murder, which is rather like finding John Wilkes Booth guilty of disturbing the peace.

British defense and intelligence officials are beside themselves and prosecutors are expected to seek a retrial as soon as humanly possible.

We submit, however, and regrettably so, that whatever gaggle of British citizens are thrown together in judgment of this case, they are all too likely to arrive at precisely the same verdict.

Stewed in a culture of relativism, non-judgementalism, and multi-culturalism; and seasoned with daily sprinklings of contempt for Western Civilization, they could hardly arrive at anything else.

Far be it from us to draw sweeping conclusions from isolated incidents, but do we not see here the suicide of the free world in microcosm? If a jury of our peers in an open and shut case cannot bring themselves to apply the full weight of the law where and when it is needed most, then why bring the case to trial at all? Why the pretense of a judicial process when in practice it will be subordinated by our fashionable distaste for judging others?

In the post 9-11/7-7 world, if we cannot bring our 800 year tradition of jurisprudence to bear in defence of itself, we are no longer worthy of it.



(We invite any and all to peruse this photo essay by our personal secretary, Mr. B Walter Farley, What I Learned on Tuesday: Lessons of Tuesday September 11, 2001.)


Joanne said...

One can just sigh, but it is important to remember, it has always been the people of Britain who have fought the great battles, not the bureaucracy.

Joanne said...

I checked out "What I Learned on Tuesday," and I disagree with a couple quotes as follows:

"America is the world’s best chance, and last hope."

No, God is who has blessed America because of her righteous, but her righteous is blowing away in the wind, and so will her blessings until she turns away from her sins and puts her hope in the Lord.

"....all men are created equal,...."

All men are not created equal; all men should be treated equal - big difference.

Findalis said...

I fear for Great Britain. I fear that you will be conquered by Islam without firing a shot in your own defense.

Chris F said...

Charlie, please thank Mr. Farley for his excellent treatise on 9/11; it was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for when I decided to visit your site on this solemn day.

By the way, I think Joanne is getting caught up in semantics. "All men are created equal" means created with inherently equal rights, not equal talents.


Anonymous said...

The majority of Brits are sick to death of this liberal wishy washy crap.
Democracy no longer exists in this damned country, over decades it's been wrecked speeded up under the Fabian Marxist Blair.
Carried on by the Fabian Marxist Brown.
Perhaps the jury was made up of Muslims that would not surprise anyone at all.
Brits would hang them without trial across London bridge together with the traitors of Westminster!!
Fire a shot what with?
Unarmed by the pretext of Dunblane a place that hid a paedo ring for the elite.
The government would love us to start up.
Eurogend can then be brought in to quell any rioting.
Under EUSSR law the death penalty would operate for this and dissent.

Churchill's Parrot said...

Bit of catching up to do what, what!

My Dear Joanne - The people of Britain have always been her strength. Our fear is that the post-war leftward lurch has so poisoned the culture and its inhabitants that when put to the slightest test, all will crumble.

As for your observations re: "What I Learned on Tuesday", you are correct regarding the heirarchy, however, I do believe the United States still refers to itself as "one nation under God" - and for good reason. As for "all men are created equal", you'll have to take that up with Mr. Jefferson, with whom we are in full accord on the matter.

My Dear Findalis - needless to say, we share your fear.

My Dear Chris F - We shall pass your kind words on to Mr. Farley as soon as we can locate him. He's been missing for the last 24 hours or so. Likely another bender! (Splendid secretary but a bit of a souse that one.) Nonetheless, we are very pleased his treatise could be of some solace to you.

My Dear Anonymous - your rage is understood. We hope that it can be put toward constructive means of restoring Britain to her rightful role in human history!



Denise said...

Joanne, I certainly understand where you are coming from regarding the righteous. But don't worry. There are a lot more righteous here (and I'm not talking about the self righteous)than you or anyone else might think. The problem is that the unrighteous get all the positive attention through Hollywood and the media while the righteous are ridiculed and portrayed as a bunch of uneducated fools.