May 24, 2008

To Those Who Have Given All...

From those who have all:

we thank you , we honor you , we remember you!

Memorial Day 2008.


P.S. Photo courtesy of Private Paul Brown


Findalis said...

Thank you Charlie. On this Memorial Day I will remember those British troops that gave their all too.

Have a good weekend.

Churchill's Parrot said...

We thank you dear friend.



Gary Fouse said...

As I was watching the Cubs-Dodgers game on TV, the Dodgers venerable broadcaster, Vin Scully, came on between innings and asked if we knew what today was. I must confess that I didn't know. I was trying to guess that it was a baseball milestone. Then Scully reminded us that on this date, June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded Normandy.

Vin also described how, earlier in the day, he turned on the news and waited hours for someone to mention the anniversary of D-Day. He ended with a plea: "Please, don't let this happen again."

Since I have visited Normandy and consider it one of my most memorable visits, I am also embarassed that I had let it slip.

Well said, Vin.

gary fouse

Findalis said...

At least during the daytime the History Channel had D-Day shows on. But none of the MSM even mentioned it.

BTW who won the ball game?