Jul 16, 2007

Caliphate 101

A bold and decisive measure was taken last week in the Left’s tireless campaign to secure the annihilation of Western Civilization. British curriculum advisors have deemed irrelevant the person of Sir Winston Churchill - words, deeds legacy and all - to their vision of a proper 21st century curriculum for the children of England. They have advocated then the removal of Sir Winston from the list of figures secondary school children must learn about.

Doing so will evidently clear up valuable class time for far more urgent issues such as global warming, the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse, and how to practice sexual promiscuity and not have your genitals turned into carrion.

Naturally there remain one or two individuals who protest as patently absurd the removal of the single most vital human being to 20th century England - and one of the most significant in all British history, not to mention Western Civilization - from English history books. But such thinking is clearly out of fashion, and likely to fail.

For more than forty years the Lefties have – via school, story, and song - incrementally diminished, distorted, and discredited Western Civilization’s contributions to the human story so successfully that now the suggestion of removing Sir Winston Churchill from school history curricula is regarded a matter of serious debate. Clearly it is only a matter of time until (if not already) our progeny will have lost all will to defend their cultural inheritance as they will believe whole-heartedly it is nothing worth defending.

But that isn’t enough. Our children deserve better. Therefore, for their sake, we recommend these curriculum advisors not stop at half-measures, but proceed full Monty. If our children are to be charged with surrendering our entire history and way of life to the highest bidder, we should at least better prepare them for the task. An aggressive regimen of pro-Caliphate coursework ought be immediately introduced into elementary, middle, and secondary schools (most colleges and universities already provide such programs) throughout England and the United States. Recommended areas of focus include:
* The Qur’an
* Arabic Languages
* Shari’a 101
* The Joys of Dhimmitude
* Euroabia Today
* Those Cursed Jews
* Beheading Basics
* The Evils of Christianity
* IEDs for Beginners
* The Evils of Capitalism
* Suicide Vests with Sass!
* The Evils of England
* Crafting Really Scary Threats
* The Evils of America
* The Evils of All That Is Not Islam … and more!

Prepared in this way, our children and our children’s children will fare far better, poised for success in the global Caliphate the Lefties are so eager to help our Islamaniac brethren establish.



* Our thanks to the Ever-Extraordinary Lady Malkin for originally alerting us to this matter.
* For further commentary from yours truly, visit
The Sun Online.

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