Mar 9, 2007

Rabid Bushsteria Further Blinds Lefties to Self-Annihilation of Own Agenda

With orgasmic relish the Lefties cite horrid conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as further evidence of … you guessed it… the utter failure of Bushie’s Iraq war policies. Thinking people might ask, “What do conditions at a military hospital have to do with war policy?” The answer is - about as much as everything else Lefties hold up as evidence of the utter failure of Bushie’s Iraq war policies (i.e. actual casualties, expenses, and unexpected outcomes); which is to say, nothing. Such phenomena occur hourly in your average corporate board room let alone in armed conflict.

Still, that military patients - or any patients - should be subject to conditions such as those at Walter Reed is entirely unacceptable. As Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., (a 2008 presidential contender) said about the issue, “There is a pattern here that we’re just not focused on what needs to be done to help these young men and women.”

The Right Honorable Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. added, “This is the Katrina of 2007,” shrewdly comparing the hospital scandal to the 2005 hurricane that left Gulf Coast residents stranded for days without federal assistance.

We couldn’t agree more, and submit that the Walter Reed Army Medical Center provides devastating evidence of – not the utter failure of Bushie’s Iraq war policies – but the utter failure of government run health care.

And thus we say, thank you Senators Clinton and Schumer for your tremendous assistance in furthering the Conservative agenda imperatives of free enterprise and limited government.

On a related – and humorous – note; a recent highly scientific and utterly objective New York Times poll asked the very objectively worded and not-at-all-leading question: "Would you be willing or not willing to pay higher taxes so that all Americans have health insurance that they can't lose no matter what?" Shockingly 60% answered they would be willing. Now that’s news! NYT promptly ran the results beneath the also very objectively worded and not-at-all-leading headline: "Most Support U.S. Guarantee of Health Care -- Would Pay More Taxes in Return, Poll Finds."As reported by Julia A. Seymour and Amy Menefee with the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute, however, NYT somehow neglected to mention in its story that the number of people willing to pay more taxes were fewer than in its 1993 poll on the same issue. Also not mentioned in the in-depth story was the fact that respondents thought a government-mandated health plan was “unfair” and that government would be an inefficient service provider. Whoopsie Daisy. With such oversights as this, one might conclude that NYT were itself a government run operation.



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