Mar 27, 2007

The Penn is Mightier than the Sword

Stop the ships , actor Sean Penn has something to say! Just in the nick of time, Mr. Penn tells us that the entire Iraq war was based on pure fabrication and that current saber-rattling toward Iran is equally villainous as only the leaders of Iran are anti-Semitic genocidal nut-whistles and not Iran’s entire population. Apparently there are actually good people in Iraq and Iran (Sean’s been to both. He knows.) Whew! That was close. Nearly nuked the lot. Too bad about Iraq though. Had we only known.

Where would we be without celebrities of such vigilance and noteworthy intellect as Mr. Sean Penn to keep our nation true to its founding principles of unconditional tolerance, ignorance, self-loathing, and surrender? My guess - in peaceful and mutually lucrative negotiations with a free and democratic Middle East.



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