Feb 27, 2007

In-Action Heroes in Action

The Lefties continue to make life difficult for we Right Wing bloggers in our attempts to keep pace of the breathtaking indecision and cowardice with which they endeavor to fulfill the wishes of the American electorate who – as you may recall – recently appointed them to clean up this whole nasty “War on Terror” business. No sooner had I penned my crushing denunciation of Senator Biden’s heroic bid to surrender via rescinding the 2002 Joint Resolution to authorize the use of force against Iraq , when the inimitable Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, “No Joe.” Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finds herself once again backpedaling from everybody’s favorite jarhead - Representative John Murtha – and his previous attempts at surrender. Were my skills in illustration as masterful as of the pen, I would begin my own In-Action Hero comic book. Instead you’ll simply have to read all about it here. One is again forced to wonder, with all this backpedaling, whither the progress in the “Progressive” party?

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