Feb 15, 2007

All Hail the Mediacracy

In the world of media – heretofore to be referred to as the Mediacracy – perception is reality. Now that a rather nauseating number of free people have abdicated their minds and souls to the Rule of Mediacracy, the axiom directs their “thinking” as well. At issue for all of us then is the persistent conundrum that perception IS NOT, in fact, reality.

This brings us to the much celebrated “credibility gap” with which the Mediacracy is currently all atwitter regarding Bushie’s claim that Iran is arming the so-called insurgency in Iraq. In short the line goes – since Bushie concocted this whole Iraq is a threat thing out of thin air, why in blazes ought we believe him now. “Hmm,” grunt the loyal subjects of the Mediacracy. “Got a point there.” Afterall, that is the perception isn’t it?

We would concur that there is a credibility gap problem plaguing this entire issue. As to precisely whose credibility is actually gapping, however, we most profoundly disagree. First there are those loquacious Lefties in office who so nobly turned tail and skedaddled from their previous and long-held positions on Iraq’s posing a threat to U.S. interests the moment the issue revealed itself as a potential electoral anvil. We refer you to the following assemblage of facts and quotes regarding why Bushie et al opted to invade Iraq. Now of course, the majority of these leaders heroically squawk, “Bushie tricked me!” To which our answer is, “If that were true Senator/Congressman (insert name here), than you are in no way fit for the office you hold.”

Then of course there is the credibility of the Mediacracy (an expression one finds difficult to pen with a straight beak.) As this gap is a chasm far too great to hazard here, we refer you to the experts through whom you ought conduct your own education. Examples of further potentially-perception-altering bits of enlightenment that have barely seen the light of day via the Mediacracy can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here. And we’ve only just begun! Also, for a superb analysis of the facts about the conflict in Iraq – as opposed to spin – I refer you to my fellow blogger Aslan’s blog Logic Times and his ingenious “Rational Thought 101.”

Lastly there is the credibility of “public consensus” as presented by the Mediacracy: the amalgamation of innumerable (and highly scientific) opinion polls conducted every half-hour on the half-hour. The overarching conclusion one must draw from such enquiries is that the “public” regards any and all issues not in their immediate interest with all the mental diligence of a drunken foosball match. Sound ground for policy decision making that, eh?

Perception is not reality. Remember that the next time you are about to be hit by a bus.



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